The first traces of Clawed Forehead date back to 2006 when four originally classical musicians (three cellists and a violinist) launched a revival project with rearranged hits of hard rock icons Metallica and Apocalyptica. Soon after that, Clawed Forehead enchants the audience with their own songs composed by one of the members, the violoncellist Pavel Čadek.

The first studio album called ”At the End of Spring” was released in 2007 and presents pieces influenced by Finnish music and by fantastic Czech classics such as Antonín Dvořák, Bohuslav Martinů and Leoš Janáček.

One year later, the original lineup (Kamila Brázdilová, Pavel Čadek, Lukáš Mareček and Michal Tuček) suddenly broke up. After a long period of searching – several musicians (Štěpán Filípek, Lukáš Mik and Pavel Borský) join and leave the band – one of the founding members, Pavel Čadek, finally decides to leave and Clawed Forehead was temporarily disbanded. It doesn‘t take long to bring the band back to life! In 2010, two of the founding members, Michal Tuček and Lukáš Mareček, introduce a new violinist Dominika Pavliňáková and a bassist Lenka Barotková. A real breakthrough comes when a new member, Jakub Špiřík (drums), joins the band and together with Tuček and Mareček composes new original songs for Clawed Forehead.

In 2011, Clawed Forehead‘s unconventional instrumental formation (violin, violoncellos, contrabass and drums, sometimes even viola da gamba) was completed by vocalist Tomáš Frgala (accompanied by the voice of violinist Pavliňáková). He would sing covers with the band and gave them the first impulse to write their own lyrics. At the same time, a new mainly instrumental album “Promise of Morrow“ is being recorded and published.

In 2012, Gabriela Povrazníková, replaced the violinist and singer Pavliňáková. The band welcomed the first official singer Zuzana Špatná, and later on Tereza Malá, who turned into a true CF‘s front man. Clawed Forehead became step by step a renowned band. They reached the grand finale of the biggest Czech national music competition „Skutečná liga“ (Hard Rock Café, Prague), released their single Falcon and received many positive critiques at the main Czech festivals and numerous concerts.

2014 was a turning year for Clawed Forehead. Only a great coincidence leads to the meeting of the band with an Iranian musician and composer, Soheil Shadloo. Clawed Forehead took part in his documentary project for BBC and records two video clips in a brand new concert hall Sono Centrum.

After the bassist and the singer suddenly left the band, Soheil Shadloo became the new singer and front man of Clawed Forehead. Their new album called “My Domain” was released in the beginning of 2015 by the Metalage Productions.

Clawed Forehead currently consists of Soheil Shadloo (vocal and guitar), Gabriela Povrazníková (violin), Michal Tuček (violoncello), Lukáš Mareček (violoncello) and Jakub Špiřík (drums). Their songs vary in genre as well as in languages including lyrics in English, Czech and Persian.