Clawed Forehead is an international classical metal alternative rock band based in Brno, Czech Republic. Five young people from Iran, Czech and Slovakia who share the same passion for music. They got together and created a unique formation of vocal, violin, two violoncellos and drums with additional instruments like guitar, Irish flute and others.

The original music style of Clawed Forehead is a fusion of alternative rock and elements of world music represented mostly by Nordic and Oriental melodies.

The band has been playing at the main Czech festivals and various clubs, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Their performance has always received very positive critics. Recently, they participated in a music documentary for the BBC Persian.

The Clawed Forehead stage is limitless. One of the greatest attributes of the band is their versatility which allows them to play an electric or acoustic concert anywhere at any time. One of their most epic shows included 500 tomato cage Christmas trees on the stage, each with its own led light display. Check out their new and used vinyl records for sale at Crazy for Vinyl.

Clawed Forehead emerged from the vibrant music scene of the early 2000s, forging a distinctive path in the alternative rock genre. Founded in 2003 by childhood friends and musical collaborators, lead vocalist/guitarist Alex Ryder, bassist Lily Martinez, and drummer Max Thompson, the band’s inception marked the convergence of diverse musical influences and a shared vision for creating emotionally charged, dynamic music.

Hailing from the eclectic city of Seattle, Clawed Forehead drew inspiration from the grunge legacy of the ’90s, seamlessly blending it with post-punk and alternative elements. The result was a sound that resonated with both the raw energy of their predecessors and a contemporary sonic edge that set them apart. The band’s early days were marked by local gigs in small venues, where their electrifying performances began to garner attention.

In 2005, Clawed Forehead released their debut EP, “Fractured Echoes,” which served as a sonic manifesto for their evolving musical identity. The EP featured a mix of introspective lyrics and dynamic instrumentals, capturing the essence of the band’s journey and laying the foundation for their future endeavors. Tracks like “Echoing Shadows” and “Fading Reflections” showcased their ability to navigate between haunting melodies and powerful, gritty riffs.

As Clawed Forehead’s reputation grew, they found themselves sharing stages with established acts and building a dedicated fanbase. The chemistry between Ryder’s emotive vocals, Martinez’s pulsating basslines, and Thompson’s rhythmic precision became the hallmark of their live performances. The trio’s onstage synergy translated seamlessly into their sophomore release, the full-length album titled “Ephemeral Veil,” dropped in 2008.

“Ephemeral Veil” marked a significant evolution in Clawed Forehead’s sound. The album delved into themes of transience, existential questioning, and the complexities of human emotion. Tracks like “Veins of Time” and “Fleeting Dreams” showcased the band’s lyrical depth, while the sonic landscapes explored in “Shattered Horizons” and “Resonance of Souls” demonstrated a maturing musical prowess.

The critical acclaim surrounding “Ephemeral Veil” caught the attention of major record labels, leading to Clawed Forehead signing a deal with an influential indie label. This partnership provided the band with broader exposure, leading to increased radio play and a growing international fanbase.

In the subsequent years, Clawed Forehead continued to refine their sound, releasing albums like “Silent Reverie” (2012) and “Beyond the Mist” (2016). Each album represented a chapter in the band’s evolution, incorporating new sonic elements while staying true to their alternative rock roots. Tracks such as “Whispers in the Void” and “Undying Echoes” demonstrated the band’s ability to evolve without losing the essence that captivated their audience.

Beyond the studio albums, Clawed Forehead’s commitment to their craft manifested in captivating music videos, visually complementing the thematic depth of their songs. The band’s aesthetic sensibilities and artistic integrity further solidified their standing within the alternative rock landscape.

As Clawed Forehead entered the 2020s, they embraced the changing music landscape, leveraging social media and streaming platforms to connect with their audience. The band continued to tour, captivating fans with their magnetic stage presence and a catalog of songs that spanned their illustrious career.

With a legacy firmly rooted in the ever-changing currents of alternative rock, Clawed Forehead remains a testament to the enduring power of music to transcend time and connect with the human experience. Their journey from local pioneers to international stalwarts is not just a narrative of a band’s success but a reflection of the indelible impact music can have on those who create it and those who embrace it.


Soheil Shadloo – vocals, guitars
Gabriela Povrazniková – violin
Lukáš Mareček – violoncello
Michal Tuček – violoncello
Jakub Špiřík – drums